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Sunflowers and Bees

So I am going to tell a brief story about this picture. The story is more about ME taking this picture. Anyone that knows me on a close personal level, knows I have a SEVERE and completely irrational fear of bees, like ridiculous panic/anxiety freak out in the presence of a bee. I went with my cousin to this sunflower maze thing, and went into it with a bit of anxiety because clearly there would be bees. It was so beautiful, and to my absolute AMAZEMENT, I was completely fine. Seriously, I am just blown away that I was FINE, and there were bees EVERYWHERE. Now, I cannot pin point what fixed this phobia/anxiety of mine because I have been practicing EFT and Mindfulness in unison, so it could be one or the other or both, but to be free of this debilitating fear/anxiety that has ruined so many experiences for me is priceless! I strongly believe in these two methods for helping with anxiety or phobias and creating a more relaxed state of mind, please reach out if you would like to learn more!

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